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Revolutionizing Urine Management

A New Solution for Female Urinary Incontinence

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The First Easy to Use External

& Leak Free

UriCap Female is an external, noninvasive urine collection device designed to fit the female anatomy around the urethra, compatible with standard urine drainage bags. Helping to prevent urine contact with the skin, a common cause of skin irritation, UriCap is especially useful for patients who suffer from urinary incontinence at night or while bedridden.

Safe & Sanitary

Easy to Apply

Discreet/ Odor Free

Skin Friendly

Covered By Medicare


Improve Quality of Life & Reduce Health Risks

UriCap Female is a cutting-edge urine collection and management system, designed to enhance the quality of life and reduce health risks for incontinent adults.

Outstanding Clinical Results

  • 3 nursing homes in Israel (2017)
  • 756 tests performed
  • 30 female patient
  • 100% performance (leakage-free & functioning)

What is UriCap Female?

UriCap Female is a non-invasive, single-use pouch, designed for adult women who experience urinary incontinence. It connects to a standard urine drainage bag. UriCap helps prevent contact between urine and the skin, a common reason for skin irritation. UriCap is particularly useful for women at night or that are bedridden, wheelchair users and suffer from urinary incontinence.

How to Use UriCap?

Please review these important instructions on how to use UriCap Female by downloading our UriCap Female User Guide below.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Take the worry out of nighttime falls or disturbing your partner with frequent trips to the bathroom and get a good night’s sleep with UriCap. An easy-to-use alternative to bulky diapers or invasive catheters, the effective urine management solution you have been searching for.

What Our Customers Say

UriCap made my life better!

“I am a 65-year-old lady and I have trouble getting to the bathroom at night to urinate. I am happy to say that my life is now infinitely better with the UriCap Female.”

-Harriette W.


“I used to have a couple of times a week where I would wake up with a wet bed and now it does not happen at all.”

-Angela D.

I would recommend it to my friend

“After trying a few products that didn’t work for me, I found this one. I’m really happy with it. It’s easy to use, stays in place, keeps me dry and I stay in bed all night. I recommend it!”

-Marcia S.

I can sleep now!


“I am able to stay dry and in bed all night long, which is a big deal considering how many times I wake up to go to the restroom.”

-Pat E.