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Help Your Patients Get a Good Night’s Sleep with UriCap Female

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UriCap Female, the first leak-free and external urine collection device for women designed by the doctor!

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UriCap Female by TillaCare is an external, noninvasive urine collection device designed to fit the female anatomy around the urethra, compatible with standard urine drainage bags. Helping to prevent urine contact with the skin, a common cause of skin irritation, UriCap is especially useful for patients who suffer from urinary incontinence at night or while bedridden.

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Safe & Sanitary

Easy to Apply

Discreet/ Odor Free

Skin Friendly

Covered By Medicare


What is UriCap Female?

UriCap Female is a non-invasive, single-use pouch, designed for adult women who experience urinary incontinence. It connects to a standard urine drainage bag. UriCap helps prevent contact between urine and the skin, a common reason for skin irritation. UriCap is particularly useful for women at night or that are bedridden, wheelchair users and suffer from urinary incontinence.

How to Use UriCap?

Please review these important instructions on how to use UriCap Female by downloading our UriCap Female User Guide below.

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Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN)

In order for your patient to have UriCap Female covered by insurance, simply complete and fax the LMN and a copy of your progress notes/ medical records that indicate the incontinence issue and the medical reason. The UriCap Female team will verify the patient’s insurance and pair them with a distributor.

UriCap Female LMN

The patient can complete this section. Ensure the correct primary and secondary insurance is included.

Please select the correct ICD-10 code based on the patient’s condition.

A patient note or copy of medical records must be included:

The medical need for the product must be supported within the patient’s medical record of his treating physician

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